Set up Remote Access on your Mac home computer

  1. Open App store.
  2. Search for for 'Microsoft Remote Desktop'
  3. Get / Install
  4. Log in with your Apple ID
  5. Once the app installs, open the app.
  6. Click New
  7. Under the Connection Name enter an appropriate name (ex: SERVER or HospitalName)
  8. For the PC Name, enter the following IP address: 
  9. For the User, enter the following username:
  10. For the Password, enter the following password:
  11. Click the Red Close button on the top of the Edit Remote Desktops screen.
  12. A new shortcut to the server has been created, and double-clicking on it will connect you to the server.
  13. If prompted "The Identity of the remote computer cannot be verified", select the "Don't ask me..." option, then click Connect.


Please remember, to go to Start > Logoff when completed. By clicking the X to disconnect, or going to Start > Disconnect will not stop programs in use.