Set up Remote Access on your Windows home computer

  1. Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection
  2. Enter host server's IP (pute will provide)
  3. If a port has been specified, put a colon ( : )  then the port number. [ i.e. ]
  4. Before connecting click Options
  5. Enter your username in the User Name:(pute will provide)
  6. Click on Save save as a shortcut for future use.
  7. Recommended to save to the desktop for ease of use, with a name that would make sense.
  8. Once the shortcut is saved, click the X or click Cancel.
  9. Find the previously created shortcut and Open.
  10. Enter the provided password when prompted.


Please remember, to go to Start > Logoff when completed. By clicking the X to disconnect, or going to Start > Disconnect will not stop programs in use.